24 June 2015

90 years, with record levels.

Rozalma, especialist in tailor-made products for farm equipment manufacturers

During 2014, Rozalma has reached 90 years of activity since its foundation with record levels of production. Despite the crisis, during the 2014 year Rozalma has increased its turnover by 15% in regards to the previous year, without taking into account the sales made among the group. The clients of Rozalma are mostly farm equipment manufacturers or industrial companies that search a tailor-made product with precise technical specifications and minimum tolerances. Rozalma is specialized in flexible tines, such as, doble coil tines, chisel tines for cultivators and springs for diverse sectors such as agriculture, mining, playgrounds and industry among others. Rozalma, at its beginnings started manufacturing leaf springs and springs for vehicles and soon became a pioneer in the Spanish market in the manufacture of flexible tines.