Double coil spring tines

Double coil spring tines

Spanish manufacturers since 1924

Double coil spring tines

Special, high elasticity steel with high capacity to recover initial geometry.

Specific integral heat treatment that provides each material with optimum characteristics.

Working in dry soil is recommended

A working depth of from 18-22 cm is recommended.

The recommended power is between 25 and 40 hp per metre of working width.

Working speed should be high (7 to 9 Km/h) to improve efficiency.

Rozalma p. GABCDEGMGrs. B
2480 A14D ROZ20x2037039592154563M104400200
2480 A14I ROZ20x2037039592154563M104400200
2480 D ROZ20x2037039592134563M104400200
2480 I ROZ20x2037039592134563M104400200
2620 GDD ROZ20X2030040592224563M104500200
2620 GDI ROZ20X2030040592224563M104500200
2620 B D URBON20x20666406112204563M105000200
2620 B I URBON20x20666406112204563M105000200
F Articles manufactured upon order

2480 ROZ

2620 ROZ

2620 B

Rozalma p. GABCDEGMGrs. B
2481 HD ROZ25X25450395118173380M10900090
2481 HI ROZ25X25450395118173380M10900090
2625 AD ROZ25X25400470120304579M148500200
2625 AI ROZ25X25400470120304579M148500200
2625 D ROZ25X25340455120304580M128600200
2625 I ROZ25X25340455120304580M128600200
F Articles manufactured upon order

2481 ROZ

2625 A ROZ

2625 ROZ

Rozalma p. GABCDEGMGrs. B
2483 D ROZ27x27437480127174585M121050080
2483 I ROZ27x27437480127174585M121050080
2483 R22 D ROZ27x27437480127234585M121050080
2483 R22 I ROZ27x27437480127234585M121050080
F Articles manufactured upon order

2483 ROZ

Rozalma p. GABCDEGMGrs. B
2630 GD D ROZ30X30335630142354595M1215000200
2630 GD I ROZ30X30335630142354595M1215000200
2484 D ROZ30x30496498145214595M121420060
2484 I ROZ30x30496498145214595M121420060
F Articles manufactured upon order

2630 GD

Rozalma p. GABCDEGMGrs. B
2485 D ROZ32x324385081552345101M121700050
2485 I ROZ32x324385081552345101M121700050
2632 AD ROZ32X324805251353545105M1215800200
2632 AI ROZ32X324805251353545105M1215800200
F Articles manufactured upon order

2485-2632 ROZ

Rozalma p. GABCDEGMGrs. B
2486 D GD ROZ35X354005831452445110M122200040
2486 I GD ROZ35X354005831452445110M122200040
F Articles manufactured upon order

2486 GD ROZ

 For vineyard
Rozalma p. GABCDEGMGrs. B
2480 VD ROZ20X20380395922245160M104750200
2480 VI ROZ20X20380395922245160M104750200
2620 VD ROZ20X20390405922245160M105000200
2620 VI ROZ20X20390405922245160M105000200
2625 AVD ROZ25X254004901203045245M128600200
2625 AVI ROZ25X254004901203045245M128600200
2483 VD ROZ27X274454801271745285M121100050
2483 VI ROZ27X274454801271745285M121100050
2483 R22 VD ROZ27X274454801272345310M121100050
2483 R22 VI ROZ27X274454801272345310M121100050
2485 VD ROZ32X324385081552345335M121800030
2485 VI ROZ32X324385081552345335M121800030
2632 VD ROZ32X324805251363545350M1219000200
2632 VI ROZ32X324805251363545350M1219000200
F Articles manufactured upon order


Tables of reference

20X2025X2527X2730X3032X3235X35For vineyard

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