Chisel tines

Chisel tines

Special high elasticity steel

Chisel tines

Special, high elasticity steel with high capacity to recover initial geometry.

Specific integral heat treatment that provides each material with optimum characteristics.

Working in dry soil is recommended.

A working depth of from 18-22 cm is recommended.

The recommended power is between 25 and 40 hp per metre of working width.

Working speed should be high (7 to 9 Km/h) to improve efficiency.

  Chisel tines
Rozalma p. GABCDEFGrs. B D
2466 ROZ25x2539337017,545M122173500200
2527 ROZ27x274354681945M18214490020050
2467 ROZ30x304703971745M122755500125
2467 32 ROZ32X324783901745M12275620012550
2535 A35X355104701945M12250850010050
2535 A2035x354605002145M12250850015050
2461 35 A16 ROZ35x354704971745M16215850010050
2461 35 A16 TL ROZ35x354704971745M16215850010050
2461 CL ROZ40x304704922645M12215962070
2461 CL A18 ROZ40x304704921845M12215962070
2461 CL A20 ROZ40x304704922145M12215962070
2464 A ROZ40x404705002645M122451100050
2464 AL ROZ40x405255752645M122301250030
2464 C ROZ40X403803901945M1225296108550
254520 B ROZ45X204454301745M12300560020050
D Articles manufactured upon order

2461-35-A16-TL-ROZ: the mounting hole is drilled.

Brazo chisel ROZ

 For vineyard
Rozalma p. GABCDEFGrs. B D
2467 VD ROZ30X304704001745M12580090
2467 VI ROZ30X304704001745M12580090
2530 VD ROZ30X304754051745M16305600010050
2530 VI ROZ30X304754051745M16305600010050
D Articles manufactured upon order

Para viña ROZ

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Chisel tinesFor vineyard

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