23 October 2019

Bellota in Agritechnica (Hannover, Germany)

Agritechnica 2019, Hall 11 E6

Different new products will be presented. Visit us at Hall11 E06!

Agritechnica (November 10-16) is the world largest agricultural show, where the main players are present at Hannover (Germany). In this edition, Bellota will have a larger stand than the previous edition, together with all the other brands of Agrisolutions.

Bellota, the brand with the largest range of products for farm equipment, will present different S-tines with longer life cultivators, that will be totally new in the market. This longer life is achieved by different means: reinforcement in the most critical areas by forging, by welding or with tungsten carbide tips. Bellota has inhouse now two new robots for welding thanks to a recent acquisition of a specialized company. 

In Disc Harrows, Bellota offers different kinds of discs, depending on the type of tillage, steel and edge. Along with the disc, Bellota presents two different models of disc hangers for high speed tillage. Apart from that, Bellota will also show its potential in plough parts and other cultivation spare parts.

Ingersoll brand will also be present with its special innovative discs with different types of waves and a sharp edge, specially designed for no-till or minimum tillage. 

The recently acquired german company Carl Sülbjerg, will also be at the booth, with a selection of different forged guards for harvesting. 

In this edition of Agritechnica, Agrisolutions will present in the European market all the potential of Trinity Logistics company, leading supplier in North America of inventory management solutions for construction and farm equipment manufacturers. 

Bellota in Agritechnica, Hall 11 E6.